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Tokyo Project Lenders is the third Project / Loan financial institution registered in Tokyo Established in 2007. Operating under the regulation of the Central Bank of Japan. We provide tailor-made solutions in Tokyo financial markets, Financing, Loan Services, Monetizing of Bank facilities, wealth management, and financial and strategic advisory to private and institutional clients.

Since then, this will to innovate has stayed at the core of everything we do. Over the years, Tokyo Project Lenders has managed the highest number of securities offerings among many Kuwait banks or financial firms, being involved in numerous transactions with major sovereign and corporate names. More recently, we have been the third Tokyo company to offer proprietary trading solutions to its clients, and plan to actively participate in the regional growth of this promising sector.

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When the founders of formed the company in 2007, they aimed to promote and develop Loan Facility for Small and Big Businessman, Companies, Expansion of Financial markets activities in Tokyo and Asia.The mission was to position the institution as one of the first bridges between the Arab and international financial markets, allowing regional investors, both private and institutional, access to international Loans, capital markets, Financing of Projects and channeling international funds into Asia.

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